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Individuals overwhelmed with common unsecured debts, including credit card bills and medical expenses, find relief in the retaining of a bankruptcy lawyer. With over 25 years in law, Freeman & St. Clair offers the expertise of Bob St. Clair, a lawyer for bankruptcy in Tucson Arizona who covers various aspects of the legal field, including bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a process where individuals or businesses have the option to eliminate or repay their debts. For the most part, bankruptcies can easily be divided into two types, including liquidation and reorganization. Liquidation refers to the taking and selling of the client’s property to repay some of the debt owed, unless the property is protected or exempt. Reorganization, unlike liquidation, is where the client keeps all their property but must make monthly payments over three to five years to repay the debt. This form of bankruptcy is often referred to as “wage earner” bankruptcy because a reliable source of income is required. There are several forms of liquidation, including:

Property Liquidation: Some of the clients property is sold to repay the client’s debt, and in return their unsecured debts are erased. Exempt property, including clothes, car, and household furnishing, are kept by the client.

Secured Debt: A form of liquidation where the client has the option to allow the creditor to repossess the property, to continue making payments on the property under the contract, or to pay the creditor a lump sum equal to the current replacement value of the property.

Filing for bankruptcy, for most individuals, is an incredibly daunting task. The unfamiliarity of bankruptcy laws and procedures limits individuals from accessing the much needed relief from outstanding debts. Yet, by employing Tucson bankruptcy attorneys from the firm of Freeman & St. Clair, clients facing creditors, foreclosures and debt collectors find possible options to put their minds at ease.

Freeman & St. Clair is the perfect option for clients wishing alleviation from their financial troubles and starting toward a better financial future. The knowledge and professionalism of Bob St. Clair allows clients to discuss personal options in their struggle to be free from debt.

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