Estate Planning Tips and Hints from Freeman & St. Clair, Small Business Attorneys of Choice

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Freeman & St. Clair protects you by covering every legal aspect of your estate planning including: wills and trusts, property ownership, beneficiary designations, tax planning and more. With Freeman & St. Clair's personal representation, you get 35 years of Tucson specific experience. We know Tucson and we know Tucson residents. We know that you've spent a lifetime building up your assets and you don't want to leave anything to chance. The all too often untimely nature of death typically leaves loved ones grieving. It's the very worst time to throw any additional confusion or uncertainty at surviving loved ones. Additional trauma can easily be avoided with appropriate financial and estate planning. It's a hurdle that many must face, but that you can avoid by taking advantage of the professional estate planning services at Freeman & St. Clair.

Here are a few Tips & Hints on how Proper Estate Planning Protects You and Your Loved Ones:

1.Wills: Put a will in place early. This enables you to choose who will get your money, house, belongings, etc. In most instances, allowing the courts to distribute wealth does not reflect the actual wishes of the family member who has passed.

2.Trusts: Putting a trust in place provides the opportunity to reposition valuable assets to an "artificial legal person" or the trust. By doing so, assets and private wealth are protected, held and managed for the benefit of heirs.

3.Beneficiary Designations: While designating beneficiaries may, at first, seem like an obvious exercise, there are legal ramifications that need to be considered in certain common situations: death of primary beneficiary, overriding a will already in place, age of heir and related taxes, current holdings of heirs, 401(k)s vs. Roth IRAs, underage children designated as heirs, heirs with mental disabilities, etc.

4.Property Ownership: Wording and terminology is key in any legal document. Property ownership designations have to be carefully considered and fully understood or the entire estate plan can be disrupted. For instance, how property is titled dictates who inherits after you die.

5.Tax Planning: There are numerous ways to decrease the amount of money that will be owed in taxes by your heirs, but it takes and understanding of the laws and proper planning.

Professional estate planning services with Freeman & St. Clair includes all of the above and more.

With the legal assistance of Freeman & St. Clair, family members left behind will benefit from an orderly and successful solution already firmly set in place. Before deciding that legal aid for estate planning is unnecessary, consider that the aspects of your personal and business finances that are easy for you to understand and handle will be unknown to those expected to deal with it in the event of an untimely death. They will also be expected to make these important financial decisions while they are in a state of grief. It is a scenario that has wreaked havoc on family estates and finances repetitively throughout the ages.

At Freeman & St. Clair we understand that estate planning isn't just the best method of deciding "who gets what." Estate planning ensures that undue conflict will be avoided and the transition required by a death in the family will be as painless as possible for loved ones left behind. Take the first step towards getting your estate in order by calling Freeman & St. Clair today.

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