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Mission Statement

We are committed to our clients' success.

Our lawyers handle client matters personally. We routinely consult with accountants and appraisers to determine the course of action our clients have asked us to review.

We understand that people require efficient, knowledgeable advice. Our practice is devoted to counseling people toward the course of action that betters theirs careers, businesses, and personal lives.

Attorneys Rex Horan and Bob St. Clair

Practice Areas

We provide a variety of services to our clients. We prepare documents for your corporation or estate plan to the highest standard. We consult with you on how to use your corporation or trust to your advantage.

We must listen to your story and understand the extent of your unique legal problem before we can quote you a fee because every case is different. We want to find a solution to your problem, not a problem that is "like" your problem.

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Business Law

  • Corporate Matters

We are committed to assisting your company at every step of your business creation. Our firm handles all types of corporate matters from incorporation to maintaining public records. With over 25 years of business expertise, trust our attorneys to answer all of your Tucson business questions.

  • Collections

Have a problem collecting a debt? Get the funds you deserve. We handle a wide variety of collections matters from forcible detainers to judgments and wage garnishments.

  • Litigation

Donít wait until itís too late to protect your personal interests. Disputes arise every day, even amongst the most well-reasoned individuals. Freeman & St. Clair is well-equipped to handle all civil matters. Austin (Rex) Horan has been involved in the personal injury business for decades. Bob St. Clair specializes in the area of construction management, but he has years of experience in various areas of the law including estates, personal property, lien foreclosures, and fraud claims.

Estate Planning

You've spent a lifetime building your assets. At the time of your death you don't want to add to your loved ones' grief by leaving them with a confused and uncertain succession to those things that you greatly valued.

We can assist in planning for that orderly transfer, mitigate tax consequences, and assist your heirs at a time when they need it the most. We have years of experience in navigating a variety of cost-effective ways in which to manage your succession.


Bankruptcy can be a means of securing your financial situation and of relieving yourself of many debt problems which may seem insurmountable. Foreclosures and debt collections confront consumers to an astounding degree, and can be a frightening experience. If you are having problems with your creditors, or if you simply need to ease your mind about any financial woes, Bob St. Clair can help alleviate your troubles and discuss your personal options.

Personal Injury

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