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Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your personal interests. Disputes arise every day, even amongst the most well-reasoned individuals. Freeman & St. Clair is well-equipped to handle all civil matters. Austin (Rex) Horan has been involved in the personal injury business for decades. Bob St. Clair specializes in the area of construction management, but he has years of experience in various areas of the law including estates, personal property, lien foreclosures, and fraud claims.

The litigation attorneys at Freeman & St. Clair understand the importance of dignified and confident representation during a civil trial. Their expertise and professionalism have earned them a reputation as top-notch Tucson lawyers. While litigation is just one of the areas they specialize in, it is an area that encompasses an almost endless number of different types of cases. This is where the diverse knowledge of Freeman & St. Clair pays off.

A litigation attorney is also referred to as a litigator or a trial lawyer. Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, the litigation attorney manages all aspects of the litigation processes, which include:

Initial Investigation

Initial Investigation, or Assessment: Typically, an investigation is conducted to determine if there is enough evidence at hand for a lawsuit to be filed. Of course, this is in the event that the attorney is representing the plaintiff. If He or she is representing the defendant, the evidence to create an effective defense must be researched and obtained. This includes finding reliable witnesses and gathering statements from them. Supporting documents must also be located and gathered, and the pertinent parties may need to be interviewed. Ideally, the litigation attorney can take part in a pre-litigation settlement forum to determine if disputes can be resolved prior to the filing of the lawsuit.


Pleadings: The litigation attorney must prepare the pleadings and motions on behalf of their client, rather it’s the plaintiff or the defendant. A summons and complaint must be drafted prior to the commencement of the lawsuit. In the event that the attorney is representing the defendant, they must collaborate with their clients to look into the allegations that brought the suit about and orchestrate the proper responses. There may need be a motion drafted, including a motion to amend the venue, or a motion for judgment based on the pleadings, a motion to strike or to dismiss. These motions must all be drafted by the litigation attorney.


Discovery: This process is comprised of the gathering and exchange of information between the parties involved. Whether through interview, interrogation, depositions or requests for admission, the lawyer must obtain the information that is pertinent to the case.


Trial: While the majority of the lawsuits filed in civil court are settled before the trial comes to fruition, there are those that go forward to the courtroom. This is when the attorneys work vigorously day and night, either presenting the case to the judge, or planning for their next day in court. It is also during this stage that the attorney assesses the direction of the trial and formulates subsequent strategies.


Settlement: A settlement may occur any time during the litigation process. When a settlement is reached, the risks and expenses of a trial are eliminated. A settlement is reached when litigators are able to negotiate with the opposing party through negotiation and mediation, which may include the judge as a participant as well.


Appeal: If the outcome of the trial is not satisfactory to the litigation attorney, the case may be appealed. This is a process that requires a great deal of preparation and strategy on the part of the attorney, but in doing so, the outcome may be much different in the appellate court.


You can rest assured that the litigation attorneys at Freeman & Saint Clair work diligently to protect your personal interests. They are well equipped to represent their clients in all things civil. Their years of experience as top Tucson Lawyers are evident as they strive to represent each of their clients in a dignified and effective manner.